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Thursday, May 1, 2008

A unique and ingenious approach


'The Ultimate Guide to Spas and Hot Tubs' by Terry Tamminen. This is helpful to understand the operations and "guts" of a hottub/spa, but not helpful in making decisions on which brand or type to buy initially. Once you have one, it is helpful in doing repairs yourself, and optimally maintaining it. I own all of Tamminen's excellent pool and spa books. While I'm not a pool professional, I am a do-it-yourself person. Any question I have about installation, maintenance, and upkeep, I find the answers in Tamminen's books. I recommend this book to anyone with a spa or a hot tub. You'll find what you're looking for every time.

'An Enterprise Architecture Development Framework' by Adrian Grigoriu. It is quite comprehensive, which nearly cover all of the Enterprise Architecture areas. This eBook also touches IT, business process development and many other aspects including people and politics, all knit together in a framework. Although too complex for me, I imagine that many others would find, like myself, the information they need, integrated and explained. I would give it top marks although sometimes it looked to me that work is still in progress. Use the Coupon Code Below to receive a Discount on one or both of these eBook Titles.

The Ultimate Guide to Spas and Hot Tubs eBook edition by Tamminen, Terry
With 5.6 million spas and hot tubs in the United States (260,000 installed last year alone) service technicians and do-it-yourselfers have been clamoring for a practical user-friendly guide to demystify the purchase, repair, installation, and everyday maintenance of spas and tubs.
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An Enterprise Architecture Development Framework:The Business Case, Framework and Best Practices for Building Your Enterprise Architecture (Adobe Read eBook edition by Grigoriu,Adrian
This book outlines a simple framework and Best Practices for building your Enterprise Architecture to enable you to understand the blueprint of your Enterprise and how it operates.
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