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Monday, September 24, 2007

Household Tips and Horse lovers eBooks


I am not exactly sure what cleaning and horses have to do with each other, but what I do know, is that these are two terrific titles that you will want to read!

Green This! Volume 1: Greening Your Cleaning eBook edition by Imus, Deirdre,

Change the way you clean and keep your family's home wholesome and healthy with the help of expert and activist Deirdre Imus.

This volume includes: Simple, efficient cleaning methods for every room of the house; spotlights on everyday products (all purpose cleaner, glass/window cleaner, laundry detergent) and the toxic ingredients you should be wary of ; summaries of the latest research on the toxic effects of ordinary chemicals; Resource lists of widely available "green cleaning" products and retailers. Filled with tips and testimonials, Greening Your Cleaning will show you how to streamline your cleaning products and practices, and how easy it is to make "living green" your way of life.
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Horse People by Korda, Michael

Bestselling author Michael Korda's Horse People is the story -- sometimes hilariously funny, sometimes sad and moving, always shrewdly observed -- of a lifetime love affair with horses, and of the bonds that have linked humans with horses for more than ten thousand years. It is filled with intimate portraits of the kind of people, rich or poor, Eastern or Western, famous or humble, whose lives continue to revolve around the horse.

Korda is a terrific storyteller, and his book is intensely personal and seductive, a joy for everyone who loves horses. Even those who have never ridden will be happy to saddle up and follow him through the world of horses, horse people, and the riding life.
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