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Monday, November 5, 2007

Did You Know & Do You Know?


'Haley's Cleaning Hints' by Rosemary & Haley. When I saw Graham Haley on PBS, I had to get this eBook, and I am sure glad I did. It has saved us so much money with it's great advice on laundry stains. Clothes that would have been ruined otherwise came out perfectly clean by using the advice in this book. In addition to laundry advice, it has great timesaving advice on things like cleaning tarnished silver without polishing. This eBook has totally paid for itself with its great advice. I am always up for hints and tricks on new things. It's really great to pass these things onto people. I recommend this eBook to everyone!
'Gardening Basics For Dummies' by Steven A. Frownie. If you're looking to start gardening or to update your current knowledge about gardening, this book is the place to start. Steve Frowine makes the gardening information accessible, practical and fun. Like all the ...for Dummies books, I particularly like the no-nonsense way he describes some fundamental gardening tasks like planting a tree or creating a flower bed. This book covers all the basics such as vegetable and fruit gardening, herb gardening, flower gardening, landscaping with trees and shrubs, growing bulbs, container gardening and even gardening projects with kids. This eBook is full of helpful information and tips for the first time gardener. Remember... Check below for the Coupon Code to receive a Discount on these two eBook Titles!

Haley's Cleaning Hints eBook edition by Haley, Rosemary
Readers will be amazed at how much money they can save by not having to buy those expensive cleaners, deodorizers and "wonder" products. In these pages, they'll get the inside scoop on the amazing multiple cleaning properties of their very own "Household Heroes," like shaving cream, toothpaste, vinegar, mayonnaise, baking soda, salt, hand cleaner, panty hose and many more. Over 1,000 clever, inexpensive solutions help readers clean, deodorize, unclutter and organize their homes - from kitchen to bathroom, furniture to floors, windows to walls. Terrific tips on stain removal, laundry, space-saving, and even outdoor clean-up turn everyday chores into dirt-busting adventures.
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Gardening Basics For Dummies (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Frownie, Steven A
You’re now officially out of excuses for not planting the garden of your dreams. Even if you’ve never sowed a seed or pulled a weed, Gardening Basics For Dummies contains everything you need to know about flowers, beds, borders, trees, shrubs, and lawns to create your own private paradise. This friendly and informative guide also covers all of the tools and additives available to make gardening easier.
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