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Monday, February 11, 2008

Grow You're Own, Fix You're Own


'Mrs Fixits Easy Home Repair' by Terri McGraw. I have been a loyal fan of Mrs. FIXIT for several years, I enjoy her news segments and refer to her website often to solve problems around my home. This eBook is great, I moved into a new home a few weeks ago and can't even say how many times I've used this book already. Little things around the house pop up that need to be mended or fixed all the time. By using the tips in this book, I already saved valuable time that I've spent with my family. When I was reading the book, I found myself making a list of things that needed to be repaired or fixed around the house. I ended up with a legal sized work list with 95% of it easy remedies that will not take long to do. Way to go Mrs. FIXIT!!!

'Growing Flowers from Seed in Canada' by Ronald G. Robertson. Ron Robertson lives in Truro, Nova Scotia and has been growing flowers from seeds for more than twenty years now. He's the kind of garden writer we all love--the kind that takes the time to explain things and never, ever talks down to others. He's put his collected years of seeding wisdom together into the delightful Growing Flowers from Seed in Canada. This is a dandy eBook, and one I'll recommend wholeheartedly to everyone who's ever contemplated starting their own seeds--or to those who have tried and succeeded, or tried and been less successful at growing their own transplants. Follow the sage advice of Ron, and your flower garden will be turning heads too, of that I'm sure! Be sure to use the Coupon Code below so you can receive a Discount on either of these two eBooks!!!

MRS FIXITS EASY HOME REPAIR eBook edition by McGraw, Terri
Clueless about caulking your bathtub or replacing a phone jack? Think fixing a leaky faucet or hanging a window valance are jobs for the experts only? On every page of this easy-to-use household companion, television's hugely popular handywoman lays out fast, easy, money-saving tips and step-by-step instructions
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Growing Flowers from Seed in Canada (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Robertson,Ronald G.
The author describes the flower varieties he has raised from seed and grown in his garden during the past twenty years and encourages readers to do the same.
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